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B&B Pool and Spa Center has been building superb award-winning pools and spas for residential and commercial customers since 1972.

Our team delivers more 150 years of quality pool building experience onto your property. Besides being admired for their beautiful designs, what sets B&B pools apart is the unwavering commitment to providing you high-quality construction methods, top manufacturers equipment, and high-durability materials to ensure your pool will last a lifetime.

All too often other builders cut corners on critical construction materials and equipment that often leads to expensive maintenance and repair costs down the road.

Our philosophy is quality first, quality second and quality throughout. Our reputation is built on creating complete, inviting outdoor living retreats. You'll have our pool designers and landscape architects to collaborate with as your ideas. Then we'll build you and oasis perfectly suited to your lifestyle and will endure rigorous use and harsh Northeast winters.

We stand behind every pool we build and are dedicated to creating energy efficient, low-maintenance pools that minimize the impact on our environment.  Word of mouth is the best advertising, and we invite you to talk with our clients. They can give youthe best feed-back to assist with your buying decision.

If you're thinking about building an inground swimming pool, download our buyers guide to learn more or contact us to schedule your appointment.

B&B's Showroom and Pool Service

B&B is proud to be an Authorized  Sundance Logo Dealer and Warranty Center. Life is better with a Sundance Spa! Our showroom is open year round and has nine different hot tub models, including spas ready for you to  privately “wet-test.” Come in and feel for yourself what a  Sundance Spa  experience is all about. You deserve the superior comfort and features that define the Sundance line. 

Download our Hot Tub Buyers Guide to learn about hot tub features, components and options. Avoid common mistakes consumers often make when choosing a hot tub.

Swimming Pool Service:

We also provide pool openings, closings, maintenance, and winter service to our NY and NJ service area. We’ve been servicing swimming pools since 1972 and our experienced service technicians ensure your swim season is hassle free! Contact Us today to request a swimming pool service information or price estimate.


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Honoring Our Veterans on Veteran's Day

Summer is now long over. As we grow close to the end of another year, we’re coming upon a day on which we commemorate our Veterans. Originally named Armistice Day after the conclusion of the First World War, Veteran’s Day is an occasion on which we recognize how it is we came to be free. Veteran’s Day is but one day in our lives, but for those who have suffered the consequences of war, and their families and loved ones, every day is Veteran’s Day. Thousands of brave men and women who served in...Read more


Considering a Hot Tub or Hydrotherapy Spa for Your Home?  (A Deep Dive Part II)

Shell Construction Must Be Sturdy and of the Highest Quality What goes into a hot tub shell? To be clear, the shell is the part you sit in. There are two basic kinds of shells. There are inexpensive, vacuum-molded acrylic shells that are formed into the shape of a hot tub, or there are reinforced fiberglass/acrylic shells. The reinforced fiberglass/acrylic shells have textured or shiny surfaces made from acrylic. Once the shell is made,...Read more

Are You Thinking About Getting a Hot Tub or Hydrotherapy Spa?

Are You Thinking About Getting a Hot Tub or Hydrotherapy Spa?

You’ll want to analyze many factors when it comes to choosing the right hot tub. Back in the early days, a hot tub was pretty much a large wooden container for hot water, and a spa was a fiberglass unit. Nowadays the two terms are used pretty much interchangeably. Of course, with the proliferation of day spas and nail spas, the term spa is used to describe different places. Today’s top models hot tubs are sophisticated spas with...Read more


Covering Winter Care for Your Pool and Spa

By far the easiest way to keep your pool in top shape through the off season is to hire a Certified Service Professional® to handle all the responsibilities and inspections. Here at B&B, we service pools in Bergen County, New Jersey as well as Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York. Click on the link below and we’ll be in touch about your service needs. If you want to do it on your own, here’s some advice to consider. Winters,...Read more


Closing Your Pool for the Season

Here in the Northeast pool closing is a sad but critical task that means the swim season has concluded for the year. It’s important for pool owners to know that your pool must be closed properly to avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs when the next swim season is upon you. As the days are now getting shorter, and the kids are back in school the time is right to close your swimming pool. The best time to close is when night-time temperatures start to dip into the 40s and daytime...Read more

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